Friday, February 11, 2011

Protest the Hero

On February 3, the Canadian mathcore band Protest the Hero released the single "C'est La Vie" from their new album Scurrilous. The new album is said to be released anywhere from March to May. It has many fans excited because of the more progressive sound, which is similar to Kezia. It is also like Kezia in that it has the guest vocals of Jadea Kelly. The current track listing is
  1. "C’est La Vie" - 3:33
  2. "Hair-Trigger"
  3. "Tandem"
  4. "Moonlight"
  5. "Tapestry"
  6. "Dunsel"
  7. "The Reign of Unending Terror"
  8. "Termites"
  9. "Tongue-Splitter"
  10. "Sex Tapes"


  1. The leak is out now....after listening, I'm feeling like it's like a mix of Fortress and Kezia.

  2. Yah, I'm going to do a review of it after KoL.
    So far I like hair-trigger the best, but tongue-splitter is also getting to me.