Monday, February 21, 2011

 If you're looking for some affordable audiophile headphones, look no further then the Sennheiser HD555 Professional Headphones with Sound Channeling
 These headphones have a great sound stage; when listening to the Prelude from Bach's cello suites, it hits you right in the middle of the head, exactly where you want it.  Instead of stereo sound being in the left or right ear, it feels as though it surrounds you. These phones are also great for dvds and tv, and can be worn all day with mild to no discomfort. The soft velor ear pads surround your ears without suffocating them, and without sacrificing sound.

Although the bass is lacking, the clarity and comfort of these phones make up for it.
Not to mention they're only 85 dollars!


  1. Just bought a pair from Sennheiser just like these; can not recommend them more.

  2. These are pretty nice. Also check out the sony over the eat extra bass headphones. They're pretty nice, too. I know from experience, I own a pair.

  3. Those look so comfortable. I recently bought some high quality headphones and I don't think I can ever go back to earbuds.

  4. I guess it is about time to trade in my tangled bundled of cords I call a headset.